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is a deflationary token

BabyCoingecko is a deflationary token designed to become more stable over time. All holders of BabyCoingecko will earn $BNB and BabyCoingecko Tokens which will be automatically sent to your wallet by simply holding BabyCoingecko Tokens in your wallet.

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Airdrop & Presale Ends

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Claim 500,000,000 bGECKO

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What can you do on BabyCoingecko?

  • buy/sell

    Buy BabyCoingecko Product

    Buy and collect Baby Coingecko product from different crypto platforms

  • payback

    Staking and Farming System

    You can earn more BabyCoingecko by Staking and Farming in future

  • wwekly airdrops


    invite friends to install BabyCoingecko and you will get BNB and Token rewards automatically

  • governance


    15%-30% of sales proceeds will be used buyback of BabyCoingecko


  • bsc
  • pancakeswap
  • metamask
  • metamask
  • metamask

Baby Coingecko Token


Daily buyback from BabyCoingecko marketplace sales.


Total Token Supply Distribution $BabyCoingecko

50% BURN 3% Marketing 5% Partnership 2% Charity 20% Airdrop 20% presale and public listing


Staking and Farming System

We will have staking and farming system for BabyCoingecko in near future


Auto Burn

BabyCoingecko (bGECKO) uses auto burn system, With every trade using BabyCoingecko will be sent to Burn Address.



Oct 2021

  • Website release
  • Start airdrop
  • Presale (100% lock liquidity)
  • 1000+ Telegram Members

Nov 2021

  • Influencers and Marketing
  • 2000+ Telegram Members

Dec 2021

  • Pancakeswap listing
  • DEX launch
  • CEX listing
  • Apply for coingecko (or earlier)
  • Apply for coinmarketcap (or earlier)
  • Baby Coingecko marketplace release on other country
  • Massive marketplace marketing
  • Baby Coingecko Mobile wallet
  • Campaign Education of Baby Coingecko Marketplace
  • Partnership with other project

BabyCoingecko Details

Token name : BabyCoingecko
Abbrevation : bGECKO
Total supply : BabyCoingecko
Decimals : 18
Smart contract : 0x082f13304f149ce05d9632df3a76c91fd4abfdd3